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Timeouts when searching and installing packages

December 18, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Community Package Repository Manage Chocolatey Packages through Boxstarter

Resolved after 488h 30m of downtime. January 7, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Resolved - Since the last changes were made, we have been monitoring for a reoccurence of the issues. We are happy to report that we have seen no such reoccurence and therefore consider this issue resolved.

However, we are under no illusions that there is still work to be done to the site and the infrastructure and we ask for your patience while this continues. (17:00 — Jan 7) 

Monitoring - We’ve just deployed some changes we believe are going to resolve the disruptions that have been occurring frequently - we just deployed these and we’ll be monitoring for issues. (00:10 — Jan 3) 

Update - We’ve seen reoccurrences of high latency and service unavailable and have responded by restarting an aspect of our service that is not performing properly. We are working to get someone to take a closer look - which given the holidays has been a bit difficult. (18:32 — Dec 26) 

Monitoring - We have not seen a reoccurrence of the recent issues the website has been experiencing for almost 24 hours. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update with any further information when we have it. Thank you for your patience. (14:08 — Dec 24) 

Update - The offline changes have been completed and the site is now available. Thank you for your patience. (16:22 — Dec 23) 

Update - The site will be put into maintenance mode shortly as we perform some offline changes to the Chocolatey Community Repository for a short period of time. (15:41 — Dec 23) 

Update - We are continuing to investigate the ongoing issue with intermittent timeouts when using the Chocolatey Community Repository (13:38 — Dec 23)

Update - We’ve found what we believe is the root cause of the issue and are now working on options to resolve the issue - it may not be a quick fix to resolve so bear with us. (16:36 — Dec 20)

Investigating - We are seeing intermittent periods of large numbers of requests that are getting held up that wouldn’t normally be held up. This leads us to look closer at our recent database migration to ensure all the settings are correct. The times of high traffic seem to occur most on average during late evening US times (03:00 - 07:00 UTC). (16:23 — Dec 19)

Investigating - We are investigating issues with high latency and timeouts when searching and installing packages. We’ll update this with updates as we have more information. (02:30 — Dec 18)